Golden Primera – Silverstone Primera Build & Chassis Overview

Brimming with style and class, we proudly present to you the Golden Primera. Inspired and enabled by the SilverStone Primera PM01 case, we assembled a lineup of hardware to complete this build and achieve this sleek, shiny look. The golden accents of the hardware creates a captivating contrast with the matte black finish on the chassis, which we think highlights both the inner and outer beauty of this build. The gold also accentuates the elegance of this case, without overpowering the sleek black aesthetic.

The Primera PM01 is definitely in a league of its own in terms of design. The over-sized front mesh panel is a bold design decision that definitely paid off, as it gives this case a distinct, sporty look that no other case can claim for themselves. The chassis resembles a luxurious sports car in all of its exterior design, with mesh panels similar to intake grilles along with the arching accent that runs along the top of the case. While the exterior is indeed a work of art, it only gets better from there.

On the inside, this case has even more surprises lined up. Despite the slender design of the exterior, this case actually has plenty of room to work with on the inside. We had no trouble setting up the hardware due to the sheer space, as well as the excellent modularity of the chassis. The case also keeps the sleek and clean design going on the inside too, with a PSU and drive bay cover, as well as ample space for cable management in the back, with Velcro straps provided.

Moving on to the greatest feature of this chassis, and the reason we love it so much – it was designed for water cooling. It features water tank mounting holes for reservoirs and also has an abundance of space for radiators of up to 360mm. The PM01 excels in both customisability and maintenance, as it includes removable filters, combined with a positive pressure airflow setup to keep dust out. Finally, no high-end case is complete without some LEDs. The PM01 comes with a set of LED fans and an LED strip on the bottom of the chassis which are available in red or blue. For the Golden Primera build however, we replaced the provided LEDs with RGB ones to suit the gold theme.

All in all, the SilverStone Primera PM01 is definitely an amazing case with elegant, innovative aesthetics. The interior possesses a really thoughtful design and handy features that make the building process so smooth and fulfilling. In addition to that, maintenance is also made simple, allowing users of this case to easily keep it looking at its best. The Golden Primera is definitely one of our favourite projects that we’ve worked on this year, and we are eagerly looking forward to more from the chassis line up by SilverStone.

Massive thanks to SilverStone Malaysia for sponsoring parts for this build.

– Silverstone Primera PM01 Matte Black
– Silverstone Strider SST-ST80F-TI 800W 80 PLUS TITANIUM PSU
– Silverstone Gold/Black Sleeved Cables
– Silverstone Fan Splitter and Hub

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